Investigating and Addressing Cancer Disparities Among High-R
Cancer and the family: nvestigating and Addressing Cancer Disparities Among High-Risk Populations with Dr. James Zabora, ScD, MSW was recorded in October, 2019. This webinar will examine how cancer disparities have developed among certain populations based on the "Social Determinants of Health". In addition, evidence-based strategies will be described that have been employed to significantly reduce cancer mortality among vulnerable populations. The objectives are: 1. To assess and define the causes of cancer disparities among high-risk populations 2. To identify and define the "social determinants of health" that significantly contribute to high cancer mortality rates 3. To describe the salience of the "5 A's" of health care and their relationship to cancer disparities 4. To identify critical factors related to "Persuasive Communication" as they relate to the reduction of disparities in high-risk communities. Eligible for CE credit upon successful completion of a quiz.
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