Working with Lung Cancer Patients and Family Members..
It is commonly understood that lung cancer is often diagnosed at late stages. Patients with lung cancer experience higher distress than the others. Their family members suffer more anxiety and distress than the patients. This webinar will share the essential elements of an integrative mind-body intervention for patients and their family members. The patients and family caregivers are overwhelmed by the diagnosis, treatment side effects and possibly poor prognosis throughout the illness trajectory. Our team adapted Chinese qigong exercises into simple body movement techniques that had been found to be very helpful in enabling patients in regaining a sense of control over their body, thus improving their morale. Spiritual techniques of meaning reconstruction can help cancer patients focus on their priority in life and to seek reconciliation. Self-care techniques are shared with family members so that they become more aware of their own needs. Research on efficacy of these techniques will be shared. It is found that the stress levels of family caregivers significantly reduced and general quality of life of patients improved significantly.
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