Pathway to Professionalism for Social Work Interns: A Compr
Pathway to Professionalism for Social Work Interns: A Comprehensive Guide for your Program This webinar, featuring Ashley Adams, LCSW and Sandra Blackburn, MSW, LSW will be recorded in January 2020. This webinar is designed for both new and experienced social work field supervisors. We will share our comprehensive social work intern curriculum that covers orientation to social work career topics. Various learning module topics include assessment, referrals, documentation, and practice approaches. We created this program for our academic medical center to standardize intern orientation and field education. This program is designed to enhance, not replace individual supervision and teaching. We share our complete intern field program in digital format and offer attendees a digital customizable template format. Whether you have one student or ten in your department, this intern field program can be modified to fit your needs and provides a standardized orientation and field education. Eligible for CE credit upon successful completion of a quiz.
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